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Goldberg Simpson

“I endorse this lawyer. Justin was extremely professional and knowledgeable as an opposing counsel.”Emily Craddock, Divorce and separation Attorney

“Justin is a great attorney and representative of his clients. His knowledge, experience, and preparation serve his clients well.”Charles Brown, Jr., Divorce and separation Attorney

“Justin is a hard working and conscientious young attorney. We’ve used him in the past to refer family law as well as probate cases to. He’s always done an excellent job.”Brian Cook, Car accident Attorney

“I’ve sent several clients that needed help in the Family Law area to Justin and they were all happy with his services. He works hard and he’s extremely bright. I endorse this lawyer.”Greg Simms, DUI and DWI Attorney

“A zealous advocate for his clients. I do not hesitate to refer clients to him that need assistance with Indiana legal matters.”Bryan Gowin, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I regularly practice cases against Justin. He is a perfect gentleman and an aggressive advocate-a combination that can be difficult to achieve. I regularly refer him clients with family or divorce matters in Indiana.”Christopher Harrell, Divorce and separation Attorney

“Justin is impressive. I highly recommend him.”Tad Thomas, Personal injury Attorney

“I work in the same office as Justin, and see him tirelessly working long hours taking care of the needs I his clients. If I have a client with a complex family law situation, I would not hesitate to refer them to Mr. Key.”Kevin Monsour, Sexual harassment Attorney

“Justin is a bright attorney and one of the most tech-savvy attorneys practicing today.”Steven Wilson, Estate planning Attorney

“Attorney Key and I have practices that overlap in only very minor ways. Despite that, I share his desire to help others and you can tell from his profile that Justin does more than give lip service to this. He volunteers to help seniors, children and other vulnerable individuals through the volunteer work that he does. Most lawyers know the law and are competent practitioners. The kind of lawyer you want when you need a lawyer is the attorney that truly cares about people. Justin is that kind of lawyer, which you can readily see from scanning his profile. He is the kind of lawyer that other lawyers recommend their clients, friends and family members to. He is the kind of lawyer that you want to contact, if you are dealing with challenging life circumstances and do not know what to do. For these reasons, I am happy to endorse Justin and to recommend his services. James Frederick”James Frederick, Probate Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Justin knows the law and how to help clients. Would refer a client to Justin with confidence.”Glenn Doyle, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I endorse Justin because he is a diligent and detail oriented professional.”Elliott Stapleton, Estate planning Attorney