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When children are involved, it is encouraged that parents create a child custody arrangement that both parents can agree on before a divorce is finalized. Child custody matters are a serious issue since it involves minors, and it should be handled with sensitivity. If there are children in a divorce proceeding, it is imperative to consult with a child custody attorney who is well-versed in child custody affairs. A knowledgeable child custody attorney can help you actualize a well-devised plan to protect your rights as their parent and your child’s best interests.

If a child custody plan cannot be agreed upon by both parents, the courts will get involved and decide on behalf of the children what their best interests are. Your child custody attorney can help you understand the court system and prepare you for the child custody process.

General Information:

Whether you are facing a divorce or in the process of separating from your child’s parent, your rights and your children’s best interests are at stake. The attorneys at Goldberg Simpson offer experienced and strategic advocacy to protect our clients and their families in cases involving child custody and timesharing. We will take a comprehensive approach to address your needs now and into the future.

Child Custody Determinations In Divorce And Separations

At the time of divorce or separation, the court will decide both legal and physical custody that will determine where your child will reside and go to school, as well as which parent or parents have the right to make decisions regarding the child’s well-being, including decisions regarding medical care and religious training. Our attorneys know how to collect necessary evidence and documentation to support your case from negotiations through trial. This evidence generally includes online information and admissions from social media sites. We provide committed, experienced, and skilled advocacy to protect our clients in cases involving child support, visitation, and custody.

Parenting Time, Child Visitation And Time Sharing

Parenting time or visitation arrangements give the non-custodial parent the right to visit a child. A parenting time or visitation schedule can be sought in a divorce, separation, paternity or custody action. We can help you explore your options and alternatives as you assert your rights to parenting time or visitation. We are also experienced in handling visitation rights for grandparents and other third-parties.

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