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There are many reasons to enter into a prenuptial (prenup) or postnuptial marriage agreement. These contracts allow couples to decide spousal support obligations, designate which property belongs to whom, and protect business or other premarital assets. The family law attorneys at Goldberg Simpson are experienced with drafting prenups and other marriage contracts and are available to help.

Prenuptial agreements can be complex, involving your alimony/spousal support obligations, financial security, and your business. Contact our law firm in Jefferson County, Kentucky to protect your rights.

Knowledgeable Louisville Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Your marital agreement is an important contract between you and your prospective spouse. These documents must be carefully drafted to be enforceable later, in case of divorce, death, or other circumstances. Kentucky law states that a few requirements must be met, including:

  • Full and fair disclosure of financial assets and debts
  • The agreement is not unconscionable at the time of signing
  • The agreement is not unconscionable at the time of enforcement

Our postnuptial and prenuptial agreement lawyers will work with you to draft an ironclad document, in order to protect your separate property.

Challenging Unfair Prenups Or Other Marital Agreements

In many instances, marriage agreements are found to be unconscionable either at the time of signing or at the time of enforcement. If you feel that your marital contract is unfair to you, our Kentuckiana family law lawyers can represent you in court to explore the possibility of a court order to set aside part or all of the marriage contract.

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