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Goldberg Simpson

I grew up on both sides of the Kentucky and Indiana border, so I’ve always been somewhat of a river-hopper here. When I started practicing law about 15 years ago, I became licensed in Kentucky and Indiana and focused my practice on helping families on both sides of the river, with my niche being families who’ve spread across the river or who have moved after the fact.

My firm focuses specifically on family court issues, including families from the major military base located here in Kentucky. Due to the base, we have clients who’ve moved from all across the world and have a child somewhere else and need assistance. We like to think of ourselves as the go-to people for interstate and even inter-country issues, those family law problems that involve more than one locale.

What Do You Want Readers to Gain From Reading This Book on Interstate Family Law Matters?

I’d like for this book to serve as a general resource that anybody can pick up, whether they’re one of our clients or not, because most people don’t know what the requirements are for family law. There are uniform laws that just about all 50 states have passed, and yet few people are really familiar with those laws.

We live in a mobile society, so people can download this eBook to have while they’re moving around. Maybe they’re exploring whether they need an attorney; maybe they’ve just retained us. Whatever their situation is, they can use this to become more familiar with the principles as we help them through family law.

Before this eBook, there really wasn’t a guide out there for people facing the very common issue of moving around before, during, or after a family court case. Having a gentle reference guide will, I think, ease our client’s minds and help others to navigate their own case.

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Goldberg Simpson

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