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Divorcing spouses should independently reach out to an attorney. A lot of couples think they may be able to use one attorney, but since they are on opposite sides of the case, that would create a conflict of interest. They should each reach out and consult with an attorney who has experience in that area. Each spouse’s attorney can help them review the issues they need to be talking about. A lot of couples who have kids do not realize how many issues the judge needs them to agree on. It can save a lot of stress if they meet with their attorneys and work out agreements beforehand.

When Both Parents Live In Kentucky, What Are The Options? How Is Custody And Visitation Decided?

Kentucky has a presumption of joint legal custody, which means that both parties should be listed at the doctor’s office, be involved in school choices, and be involved in major religious decisions for their child(ren). Kentucky is also one of the first states to have a presumption of equal parenting time. There is a presumption that not only should both parents be equally involved in decision making, they should also be equally involved in having a face to face relationship with the child(ren).

Which Court Handles Custody And Visitation Matters If The Spouses Live In Different States?

Most states have interstate laws that refer to the child’s home state. Usually, the home state is where the child has lived for the past six months. The divorce and all the related custody issues generally follow wherever the child lives.

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Goldberg Simpson

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